Only in Minnesota..Fer Sure

Where else but in Minnesota can Mosquito Bites, Bear Paws and Timber Shrimp be a good thing to eat !

Yesterday Liz took the day off of work to hang out with mom and we had a blast!! One of the places we went to eat was a very Northern Minnesota steak house with a fun twist and a great happy hour! Check out the fun appetizer menu!!

I caught Liz in a shopping frenzy moment here at TJ Max after we got our nails done at a local salon. We got a kick out of the salon owners whos business was very slow because of construction in their parking lot. They kept telling us things like “your feet look terrible” and “I will wax your chin” even though a single hair never grew on my chinnie chin chin!!!…………they needed the few dollars really bad so we had the works done. Now I am paranoid I had a hairy chin all along and just couldn’t see it because of my bad eyes……….lol….boy boy boy the power of suggestion is strong. Great sales woman she was…you bettcha!!!!

Now this is something we rarely see in Portland….a THUNDERSTORM!! Diana hears me whining all the time about the fact we get no downpours or thunder/lighting. This beauty came through when we were grocery shopping and made the hair on my arms stand on end it was so ominous. Actually come to think of it now, maybe the salon lady should have waxed those arms too!!!!!!!!

WALL CLOUD……no such thing in Portland Oregon!!!! All we get is drizzle!!


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