Gone but not forgotten….images of the tree removal

Starting to climb the tree to cut it down

Thank goodness yesterday is over with!! All I could do to keep from thinking about my tree was to actually photograph her removal …….I”m not quite sure why that made me feel better but I guess it’s kind of a “closure” thing.  Above is Carlos up in the tree starting to cut the first branch of many as he climbed higher and higher ….de nuding her of branches

Only a few branches left on the tree now

Every branch was gently lowered to the ground with ropes and pulleys.  This tree was the CENTER attraction of my big perennial flower garden and I was SO impressed at the precision of this team in making sure my garden would not be harmed.  Each branch was then carried out over the top of the garden and put directly into the chipper.  The photo above shows my tree with just a few branches left to go

Another chunk bites the dust

What I was left looking at was virtually the worlds tallest telephone pole.  What a sight seeing Carlos way up in the tippy top of that tree only held in by his shoe cleats and a repelling line.  No heavy equiptment was used to get him up there.  These are real lumberjacks!

This photo above shows the first section of the tree trunk dropping to the ground.  Again with such precision that the garden was not harmed.  The chunks were free falling with no ropes and each hit the ground with such force the entire house shook with each BOOM. Meg who hates fireworks was not a happy camper

The sun finally came out and the blue sky above Carlos really made for a nice photo.  I’m sending all my pix to NORTHWEST TREE SPECIALISTS to use anything they want in their advertising or to show clients how tree removal in a garden is possible.  Again I am Soooooooo impressed.

Each chunk of the trunk went

Cutting down the last 20 feet or so of the trunk

The trunk of the fir tree in the garden path

Remember the photo from the last post of the entry to my garden path?? Well this is the same view…..filled with my grand old girl in pieces.   The chunks were so uniform and beautiful that I asked to keep a number of them to serve as stools and smaller end tables in the garden.

The new

Here is my tree stump left at about 3 1/2 feet high for a nice bistro table.  Boy did they cut that baby level.  I’m going to treat the wood after it has a winter to dry out so the trunk doesn’t rot.  I can make it last a good 20 years if I can treat it with organic preservative oil like this.

And a little silver lining to the cloud……the tree specialist said the wood is not diseased or full of bugs.  For some reason the roots succumbed to rot but it shouldn’t affect my other trees.. WHEW thank goodness!!!!

Thank you all for your sweet sweet words about my “loss” and I have really enjoyed hearing your own tree stories.  It’s comforting to know others are just as sappy (ohhhhhhh pardon the pun) as I am over the trees.


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