Ahhhh…I wish to be in Beijing

Oh my goodness…mom and I are sitting here watching the Olympic opening ceremonies on tv in absolute awe!!!!!!

What a spectacular display in every aspect of art,Chinese culture and symbolism and global unity! It makes one stop to ponder why we can’t,as a world, pull together like this more often eh? If it weren’t for the crowds and heat in beijing at the moment….I would have given anything to have seen that ceremony in person

On another topic….the shopping in Minneapolis has rocked!!!! Check out the huge concrete panda momma and baby pair my son and I found at a garden center abpve!!!! I couldn’t buy that pair but am ordering them….don’t tell Steve…hee hee hee

Another fun find is my ” I lack focus” t shirt (yes the writing is blurry)….couldn’t resist that one

Ill write more tomorrow…the USA will be represented after the commercial….woo hoo!!!!! Go USA!!!

Can you believe these 2 cracker boxes??? These were my first 2 homes after getting married and having children!!!! I am just amazed they are still in good shape and even more blown away that we fit in those houses with our kids and stuff!! Bryan drove me by the old homesteads which made for a fun afternoon and a lot of great memories bubbling to the surface.


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