Need someone to keep an EYE on me!

Wounded!!! Taking Pandaness to the extreme!

Owie!!!!!  I really did the ultimate dork move yesterday!!! I was putting away some things in my studio and on my left side (my totally blind eye) out of no where appeared a metal rod which holds up my flex shaft glass grinder and it attacked me…in the eyeball!!!

My eye was wide open and it left a puncture in the shape of Australia my glaucoma doctor told me.  I am in such pain you would not believe it!!  Lots of Tylenol 3 and keeping my eyes closed. Everytime my good eye moves to look at something the bad eye moves too and sends me through the roof.

This was taken by Steve at 7:30 this  morning on our way to the doctor with my white panda patch and I was trying to make “ears”  to coordinate but it was a sad, drug induced attempt I’m afraid.

Now I need to go back to the hospital daily for a week or more to have it checked.  THANK GOODNESS it was not my good eye is all I keep telling myself.  I’m counting my blessings!!!!!  I even had my glasses on when this happened but this does give more reason to always keep eye gear on my artist and gardening friends !!!

On a more up note…here is a stunning lily in bloom today called “Sweetheart OM” by B&D Lilies

And an awesome shot of Steve that I took in Central Park!!!

Click the photo of Steve to see more of the pix I added to the vacation album

New York...a day in the park, subways, museums etc


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