National Art!!!

We can never get enough of this treasure trove of priceless art collections. many famous paintings and scuptures here that you just don’t know which way to turn next!! A very humbling experience being here.   If you love art this is a must go place at least once in your lifetime

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My dear Vincent!!! One of his many self portraits

“But I could have told you Vincent….this world was never meant for one as beautiful as you” quote from the song Stary Night by Don Mc Clean

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One of Monets masterpieces.  This one has so much depth in person

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One of Vincents beauties!

Last night was TAi Shans official dinner party and I sure wish I had pix on the cellphone to show you but both Steve and I were too busy with the big cameras to remember and I had my Chengdu presentation to give.  It was a blast and we got to go into the panda house after hours to see the Royal family sleeping off their fruitsicle hangovers.

I have tons of pix that Steve took of the auction items and presention I will post on Sunday when I return home.  Today we head for the Smithsonian National air and space museum..   Udvar-hazy center.  We will get there by bus and spend all day there.  So for now I had better go but will send cell pix from the adventures today!!

Lotsa luv and panda hugs…..Sandra and Steve



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