More HOT HOT HOT Fun at the Smithsonian today

Across the street from the Whitehouse…man I can’t wait to get a better phone cam!!! The new IPhone is out today!!!!! Woo Hoo

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Oh my it’s a scorcher today!! Steve and I set foot out to the Smithsonian galleries and I wanted to take a lot of pix on the way but the sun was just too intense for people or cameras.  The only stop we made was at the Whitehouse where we enjoyed the “ambience” of the Native American protesters in their colorful costumes.  They had 3 teepees staked out on the lawn of the mall in front of the Washington Monument (pictured below with me in the foreground)

It made for some very interesting people watching seeing other protesters mixed in as well (anti war, pro life..etc etc…)  The emotions run very high when folks are passionate for their cause.  I got some incredible shots before the crowd in front of the Whitehouse gates was dispersed.

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Check out this photograph!!! We now know where we will spend our next vacation in China….the “Golden Mountains”.  There was a photography exhibit of this mountian range in China which I believe was south of Beijing.  I need to do some research but these stunning black and white images just swept us away to a land where artists have been drawn to for centuries to sketch , paint and carve images of these surreal mountains. They reminded us a lot of Halong bay in Vietnam and the Stone forest of Kunming China.  BREATHTAKING!!


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Then there was the gift shop!!! Oh my word…we were in a special African art exhibition which blew us away with all the beadwork, art and costumes.  The exhibit culminated in of course a drop dead awesome gift shop.  I found a brass bracelet I could not live without and Steve was so sweet to buy it for me.  It is a Link bracelet that is hinged in the coolest way from the Matakam people of Cameroon.  Besides adorning the body, the loops serve as a form of stored wealth, rather like a wearable savings account. 

The belt ornament that inspired this design was in the Smithsonian Africa collection

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And finally …an entire room of Chiang Mai region Celadon!!!!  If you remember our visit to the Celadon studios in February you can see why I was so excited to find these ancient pieces from the same general area of Thailand.  I could have spend all day in that room and Steve had to coax me to go forward and see the rest of the yummy things in store.

I’m so excited..tomorrow we are getting together with one of my wonderful friends/ jewerly customers and her husband who live in the area for brunch and a chance to meet in person.   it should be a blast and then we will head home in the evening.  Will update as soon as I get a chance and will probably get to post a few more cell phone pix too!!!

Luv and panda smooches..Sandra and Steve


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