Maxs oyster bar in hartford ct


A bad cell phone cam photo but you get the idea anyway;  This meal rocked!!!

Maxs oyster bar in hartford ct, originally uploaded by electra-cute.


Cell phone photo  Max's oyster bar, Hartford Ct 

Raw seafood plate we had as an appetizer to a lobster /shellfish dinner.  OMG was this good.  The seafood literally tasted like the ocean. …so fresh and yummy.  It’s funny how each coast has such a difference in how the same varieties of shellfish taste. 

 Our warm Pacific  waters give a sweeter flavor while the Atlantic mussels , clams etc are more briney with that “ocean” edge.  We sure loved Maxes oyster bar.  Diana, the downtown of West Hartford where the bar was reminded me SO much of Marshalltown IA.  I took pix and will load them here when I get home,

We also went to the New England Air museum yesterday and I got TONS of pix from there and we met the coolest man who used to pilot the B29 during WW2.  He glommed onto us and gave us the private tour of where they do the restorations and we got behind the “ropes”to look inside the B29 on display.  OMG what a thrill. 

After the redeye flight, airplanes and oysters…we were ready to SLEEP.  Slept like a rock!!!!

We head out to judge the Chow Specialty in a couple of hours (Saturday July 5).  I dressed for hot weather and it is pouring rain and high of 75 today.  I’m so glad the show is inside.  We start to meander to NYC after the show this afternoon too.

I will catch up with more pix today from the show.  Hope you all had a fun fireworks night!!!

Sandra and Steven


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