Heading to DC today by train

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Subway  ground zero  china town

Hi everyone. Finally had a moment to get to an internet cafe to update the blog. So much fun here I forgot how much I love NY!!

I updated the entries on the blog with text now if you want to backtrack…just go to https://sandramiller.com to find all the entries.

The photo above is from Chinatown. WAY many cute panda items and no room to pack anything to bring home so I had to behave myself. The only purchase we may make on this trip is to nab up 2 of the new IPhones on Friday when they are released. I am SO wanting to post better blog photos from the phone and be able to also do my internet stuff without finding a computer so the IPhone really fits the bill. You should see the quality of the images..YUMMY!!!

We head out to DC by train later today and then tomorrow is the BIG day at the National Zoo. It’s Tai Shan’s Birthday. I see some panda twins have been born via Claudias comment and I’m assuming it could be Tai’s new brothers/or sisters. Need to go check the news!!!!

Will have free internet access the rest of the trip and will have lots of pix to share. Wish I had that Iphone for the zoo tomorrow but these little Motorola Razr pix get the point across until I can get the good photos from the big camera uploaded.

Have a super day everyone!! Thanks for coming by and for your comments!!!


Sandra and Steve!!


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