Pandamonium at the National Zoo today


Woo Hoooooooo we made it here!! We are at the zoo and I got to spend all the time in the world photographing the birthday boy Tai Shan as he celebrates his 3rd B’day with some of the most fun folks you can imagine!!…the members of Pandas Unlimited!!!

We got the BEST shots of Tai…he was so funny and tenative about his fruitsicle “birthday cake”.  He ignored it,  then snuck up on it, ran past it, and when he knocked it over with his paw he ran from it.  Finally he settled down to a fruitie feast while hundreds of onlookers, fans, and the press snapped photos as though he were a foreign dignitary (which he really is).
Tonite we will return to the zoo for a dinner and auction and I will give my Chengdu presentation. I’m excited to spend more time with Tai and my P.U. friends.  Simply not enough time in the day to do all we would like.
See the next two posts for a couple of cell phone shots Steve took of Tai while I was lugging around my 400mm lens.  I hesitated to bring the beast but am SO glad I did. The photos I am seeing on the camera moniter have some real gems in there.
Will update again tomorrow or later tonite!!
Luv Sandra and Steve



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