New garden bench..Panda update too


All the most current news about the people and pandas of China’s earthquake will be here. Please if you can donate generously to the funds they have started. This is a completely legit and top notch group!

My new butterfly bench and the tree peonies

I wanted to show you my new monarch butterfly bench I got myself for my birthday! It finally arrived and we got it put together today. What a great focal point for my new studio garden. My glass studio overlooks this area filled with bird feeders , water features and my chows!! The peonies are from the one I showed you a couple of posts ago. They were so heavy on the tree I had to cut off a bunch to keep the branches from breaking

My new stained glass monarch butterfly bench

It seems the pandas fared much better than the people affected by the China earthquake on Monday. Apparently a World Wildlife tour group heading to Wolong panda preserve is still out there and not been heard from yet. Hopefully all is well but it may be some time before contact is made on that desolate stretch of road to Wolong. Much of the road is washed out.

Here’s an update from ,my guide in Chengdu. Even though we heard the good news yesterday about the pandas, it’s always great to hear it again, and again and again.. I was so worried about the babies especially. Sounds like my little Bao Shi is as tough as I! (Bao Shi sounds like “boss”)

Here’s his note this morning. He and his family are living in their car at the moment.

“Hello Sandra Miller

I also want give you another good news which is that the pandas in Chengdu are all very safe including your baby “BaoShi”.
Thanks alot for your concern,my house might be repaired in future,the local goverment office sent staff had checked it….
thanks Mickal

The Pandsy


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