Happy May Day!



I love May!! It’s my birth month and this year will be my 50th gardening season so I’m trying to see it as how much I have grown both in spirt , plants and of course years…rather than seeing 50 as a terrible thing. The photo you see of the little girl is me…45 years ago in my dad’s garden in Owatonna MN. The seed doesn’t sprout too far from the flower does it? I know I’ve posted these pix before but just found them again today and thought they were May Day material! THANKS MOM for hanging onto these old images….they mean the world to me

For as long as I can remember I have considered the entire month of May to be my birthday. It’s a magical time where the ground is coming to life and old plant friends come back to say hello once more!!

I used to give out May baskets full of goodies but this year I guess it will just have to be a virtual May Basket to all my special friends and my family

Have a glorious day everyone….. Sandra

A mini garden album for you to enjoy..click on thumbnails to view larger!

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