Hi everyone!!! I’m  sure you are chomping at the bit to see the tigers and we have a cellphone full of pix for you that simply aren’t going through.  This happened early in the trip so I think it will fix itself eventually.  In the meantime we will tell you what we have done the past couple days.

Yesterday was the Floating Market, Tiger Temple, the Siamese cat palace and a few other items on our itinerary.   It was a ten  hour day with our private guide Pook who was incredible!!!! The tigers were unbelievable as were the other animals at the temple complex.  We got to play with 4 week old baby tigers and have lots of pix to show for it.

The floating market was a sight to behold. So much color and interaction and lots of delicious food.  Our breakfast consisted of noodles and fresh veggies prepared on a small flat row boat with dozens of other vendor and passenger boats bumping up against it. It was  a wild time and we would do it again in heartbeat.

 Today was our tour of the Grand Palace in Bangkok with our second private guide Tom.  Another awesome experience as he was well educated in the history of the country and city.  The reclining Buddha followed then off to the klongs which are the canals that wind their way through the city of Bangkok.  They are lined with modest homes full of life and color ..we even saw a water monitor ( massive lizard Liz) laying on someones porch.  Now off to  the Fishermans Village!!!

 I’m not sure where to start of this one.  It’s like trying to describe the surface of the moon from standing on my front lawn in Portland.  There are no words that can plant a picture in your head of what we experienced.  One cool moment was watching an older woman with a blue plastic pan pulling “cockles” from the silt of the ocean backwater.  She sat on a board with the water up to her chest.  We got super pix of her.

 Now you won’t believe the wild monkeys we got to feed. Tom brought a bunch of tiny bananas with and as Diana threw them on the banks of the canal, I snapped hundreds of photos of hundreds of monkeys. One mama was even nursing her baby!!!!  They swam in the water to get to the goodies and caught a couple mid air as Diana tossed them.

 We ended the day with yours truly doing an “Amazing Race”style stunt to get to her dinner which was up in a hut built of bamboo…on least 15 feet above the water.  The “ladder” was made of round branches which we had to  climb from the small boat,…hand over hand to the top (and back down!!)

The meal awaiting us was a feast of giant tiger prawns, sea catfish , sea bass and crab. Our hostess practically fed us with a spoon as she boned the fish, cracked the crab, shelled the shrimp and ladled our soup for us.  What a meal.  Steve you would have been in heaven.  We DID think of you !!!!!

  Stunning images from today to come….we promise!!!!

 Tomorrow is chill out day.  No real plans but we do intend to take the sky train (like a overhead subway) and stop on EVERY stop and get out and scope out the areas.  This is chilling out for! 

Well had probably better run for now.  Happy Valentines Day everyone!!!!  We will write tomorrow!!

Luv Sandra and Diana


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