Panda Base, Chengdu China 2/08 ..panda adoption

Me and my “Jewel”…she was a wiggly one!

I arrived home after my long flight and had to say goodbye to Diana at the Portland airport. She still has 5 hours more flying time ahead of her to Des Moines then an hour’s drive home from there. Whew our butts are so tired of sitting!!!


I couldn’t resist loading the panda pix into my photo program first thing. WOW do I have some awesome pix this time around. Here are just a couple to get started plus our guide Mickal sent me the latest blog post from the panda base to show me that my adoption showed up today. The first link is in Chinese…the second is translated (kind of strangely) through Google.



This pair of pix turned out so cute. I asked while I was cleaning the panda enclosure of poo if I could swing on the panda swing. The staff loved it and when the panda girls came out after we were done feeding them bamboo…they kicked back to play on the swings too!


Panda Base, Chengdu China 2/08 ..panda adoption


Panda Base, Chengdu China 2/08 ..panda adoption


Here are Diana and I hard at work raking old bamboo leaves getting the enclosure ready for my “Jewel” and her little friends to romp in soon. They are still a bit young for kindergarten ….just starting to wean them at 6 months old which is a long process.


Panda Base, Chengdu China 2/08 ..panda adoption


Hauling freshly washed bamboo to bring to the year old pandas

…our entourage of photographers and staff in tow
Panda Base, Chengdu China 2/08 ..panda adoption


A beautiful group of yearlings

Panda Base, Chengdu China 2/08 ..panda adoption




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