Baan Celadon studio in Chiang Mai

A graffiti phonecam chiangmai live shot, originally uploaded by electra-cute.

One of the places that was a MUST SEE for me was Baan Celadon in Chiang Mai which was a large artisan studio which creates a variety of stoneware developed in this region called “celadon”.  It is characterised by it’s pale green or blue crackled glaze which mimics the colors of jade.

I pretty much lost my mind in there and purchased an elephant teapot, creamer, sugar, and tea mugs and saucers plus a number of gifts for family.  My dad in his pottery days tried to create this type of pottery so the stoneware has fond memories for me.

Here’s Diana peeking behind a celadon elephant while was settling up my bill.  A photo of me with more pottery follows at    All the pieces at this studio are wheel thrown or hand sculpted…no molds used….super special


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