A graffiti phonecam chiangmai live shot

A graffiti phonecam chiangmai live shot, originally uploaded by electra-cute. DIANA’S JOURNAL ENTRY TODAY!

In Chiang Mai now and just picked up my email.  We are enjoying the Thai food  It is wonderful and I think everyone  would like it…just ask for “no chili” if you are a mild child.   Sandy says you would be having the time of your life if you were here!  Off to explore on our first morning. This place is clear and cool in the morning—I needed a jacket over me for breakfast…which is in the open-air. but under a roof—like a 3 seasons room.  The people here are being wonderful and OUR ROOM—so rustic, but beautiful with all our western conveniences.  Our compound gets the gates closed and locked at 8PM so we need a separate key to get through after that time. It is so secluded and every room is like a private stay. The pictures you will see on the blog are just a sample of what Sandra will put up on her site after getting back. “Bling”—the little stuffed Panda is getting her picture taken with lots of different  things. Last night Sargent Kai picked us up at the airport—a smiling, educated, funny man and we can’t wait to pick his brain on all our tours.  We were laughing lots on the ride to our hotel, so should have a great couple of days with him. 

Big hugs and a Thai wai from Diana


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