A day to kick back in Chiang Mai

This is Diana before her Thai iced coffee…..lol!  Sorry about the photo being sideways and I can’t get it to rotate.

We actually got to sleep in late today (7:00) and have been just putzing around town.  Got some CD’s burned of Diana’s pix to give her camera more memory.  Im going to do the same later on .  We plan to go to the  nail salon and have some fancy doodles done on our acrylic nails.  Will post pix of those babies later!!

Had a stroll down a very “local” street and stumbled onto a Vietnamese cafe that was wonderful.  I had carrot/lemon juice for my drink and Diana had Mango.  How refreshing!!!  Well had better run for now but will be in touch in a few hours after the nails.  We fly to Chengdu tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It’s almost Panda time!!!!!!!!  Now I have to figure out how to get all that celadon in my suitcase!!!!


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