a graffiti phonecam bangkok live shot

a graffiti phonecam bangkok live shot, originally uploaded by electra-cute.

Hi friends!!!! We are so thrilled you guys have had a chance to stop by and take a peek at the blog. We are darned miserable here. The staff at the 5 star hotel are waiting on us hand and foot, we are getting tan in one day in this 95 degree sun, and the shopping…well if you like having one of the biggest malls outside your front door…this is the place to be…then just a few blocks away an incredible slice of rural life awaits!!

This photo and the one below we took by the pool on the 37th floor of the hotel outside. The sculptures are incredible and the sound of the water could have lulled us to sleep at the bar ( well maybe the water wasn’t the only liquid lulling us to sleep) A couple of beers after 24 hours on the plane would put anyone in a coma.

Tomorrow we treat ourselves to 2 1/2 hours of Thai massage..a blissful indulgence day.

Diana says HI to all her friends who she sent the blog too. Thank you guys and HI from me too!!! It so fun to share this journey with you and we hope you come around often. We promise we wont send GRAFFITI PHONE CAM pix of our massages but you will appreciate how much better we will look than the last phone cam photo we sent (which we just deleted..it was that bad!). Till the next update tomorrow!
Long distance hugs from Sandra and Diana


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