Check these scrumptious finds from Africa out!!!! This first set of beads was made locally in Capetown out of batik fabric and handmade “sand cast” glass beads. As much as I hate to part with them, they will be incorporated with a fused glass pendant created to match perfectly. I have this necklace in my head and the first layer of glass done in the kiln!!!!

handmade fabric and glass beads from Capetown SA


handmade fabric and glass beads from Capetown SA


Common to see roadside art/craft vendors in Capetown


These wooden beads I bargained for with the fella pictured below them!  Each is inlaid in bone and hand finished and polished.  I bought multiple strands of them and can’t wait to create a pendant to match!!!

Wooden beads inlaid in bone...each unique!


By the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa


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