ZEBRA RUNNING FROM ELEPHANT IN BOTSWANA, originally uploaded by electra-cute..Africa bound!.


Hey you guys!!! I am so excited to hear from you all and wanted to post to each comment but we are paying for our computer time now. You can be sure I have read each and every post and am LOVIN the comments etc!!!!


I will tell my daughter Liz I have gotten her a “simba” photo from everywhere I have gone


and to my mom…..I miss you too!!!!!! It was great talking to you tonite.


Diana…”rOcK ON” Josie…lets make some more lion dogs`. I will try calling you soon if I can coordinate when you are awake the same time as me and not at work. Misssssssssssssss you~


Bernice and Franck…..I don’t know how you can work in a glorious country like this. I would be so broke because I would be out taking pix all the time….you were so right and I can’t wait to share SA through your eyes soon. Kisses to Mz. Liza from us


To my son, Bryan…..I have seen so many incredible carvings here I don’t know which style I like best…..guess we may have to take em all home…lol.


And our dog sitter Becky …….. give my girls a big hug….hope you are gettings lots of mosaics done. Keep using that scrap glass in the bins!!!


Sooooo today we rent a car and head out on the cape. Hope to see some whales, winter blooming plants, lots of scenery here to see. At first glance from the air it is very much like New Zealand in landscape. Love,….you would go crazy here~~~


I have pix from Table Mountain (the oldest mountain range in the world) I’ll post later. Till then have a super day ev eryone

papayrus at sunset in Nxabega in the swamp



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