Orange ceramic gazing balls

This was such a fun day. A group of 3 of us crazy women known as the 3 Marketeers, Frankie, Susan and myself have made it a habit to get together on Saturday mornings in the summer to hit the Farmers Market.

Well we usually try to buy some fruit and veggies but inevitably we end up filling either Frankie or Susans car to the ceiling with plants for our gardens.

Paula is one of the vendors at the market and one of our favorite suppliers for our “plant crack’ habit. We are incurable and really don’t mind.

So today we met up at a huge Garden Center outside of Portland OR. called Als Garden Center (

They have an espresso booth (hey..when in the NW….) and rows and rows of indoor and outdoor plants just coming in. I brought my smaller Canon camera and bought a cart full of primroses and pansies to pot up outside my studio window.

Later in the afternoon after lunch we found a cool “specialty nursery” full of shade plants. I bought two rare Chinese ginger plants…pix coming soon.

So I hope you enjoy our little outing and taste of early spring. What a perfect day!

Rows of Primrose

You can be sure there will be some awesome floral pendants showing up

on Ebay this soon using the photos for inspiration.

Hope you all enjoy looking at these as much as I did taking them..keep warm!


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