VIDEO CLIP OF GREAT WALL! More albums are up too

Now this one will make you extremely grateful the that I went into jewelry design instead of videography! I took this film clip after we had arrived at the 3rd or 4th tower on the wall…I lost track of how many we actually went to but it was over 25. This is quite the hike and not the “ramp” on top of the wall like so many of the documentaries seem to show.


This shows how incredibly steep and treacherous some of the GREAT WALL steps were

Of course our driver takes us to the “remote” location so we could avoid the tours. We had 7 people with us and saw only a handful of others the entire day.

By the time I did this clip my shins and knees were burning from all the uneven stairs but we were all determined to do this entire stretch of wall. Boy am I glad I did it. This was the highlight of the entire China trip…next to the panda visit of course.

The video is about 2 minutes with a few pauses in it so just rely on the moving bar at the bottom to tell you when it’s done. Be patient as it may take some computers a short while to load. On mine it takes 30 seconds.

The Chinese couple you see sideways in the video (new camera and bad photographer) are locals who were following us and helped me through a number of very hairy passes like this crazy catwalk over crumbling bricks only 6″ wide in places…and a drop off that makes me cringe to look at now.

Little did we know that at the end of the trip they would literally have our “backs against the wall” trying to seLL us local handcrafts and goods. In order to find the way out of the labryinth to where our driver was waiting we definately needed to buy enough “stuff” and glady did so.

Without the Chinese girl helping me I would never have been able to do the wall walk.  It was amazing how those locals are able to do these wall walks on a regular basis.  They got winded too but not nearly as bad as I did.  Thanks Gawd for the Total Gym and power walks we had been doing before the trip



So here is the video clip.


I have added many more albums to the China website plus a map of our journey. I’m done with Hong Kong and now working on Beijing and the Wall. #1 and #4 links are active…the others are not ready yet. #4 is the beginning of the Panda base albums.


Have a super weekend!!!



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