Hey there girlfriends!!! Thanks again for all the great comments and emails!!! This means so much to me so far from home!!! Mommy I am going to try calling you today ok?


I have been showing my pix on the new small digital to any Chinese person who will look..LOL!  I still can’t believe I got to get so close and touch such a rare and endangered creature.  I truly felt like a queen for the day.   The Panda base staff treated me like royalty!!!  I cried pretty much through the whole Panda experience.  Laughing and crying with delight.  Our private guide was thrilled I loved the pandas so much and just kept patting me on the back.  She was so cute…yep…got pix of her too!!!


Today we took a very early shuttle plane to Kunming and met my son at the hotel we are staying at.  WOW what an awesome sight that was!!! The mommy instinct kicked on when my 29 year old walked in the hotel lobby and back came the tears again.


We headed over to the language school he is staying at and it was REALLY impressive.  Photos of that too!!!!  Very small rooms but impeccably clean and he has his own western toilet and good shower too.  He has a super view of the city from a 17th story floor and has already made friends with an Aussie, a Brit, and a nice Canadian family who are all learning Mandarin together.


Tomorrow we head to the stone forest (petrified wood I am pretty sure)  I took some awesome video clips of the intense shopping traffic here for you guys to see….part of the reason I wanted a second camera.


So till tomorrow..luv to all

Sandra , Steve and Bryan


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