HELLO MY FRIENDS!!  Well the stay in Hong Kong ended far too soon as far as we were concerned, but we needed to move on to see what mainland China has to offer.  The last day in Hong Kong we took a boat tour of the harbor and also took the tram to the highest peak in HK called Victoria Peak.  Both were experiences we will NEVER forget as long as we live.  The photos we got were exquisite and both days as clear and bright as could be.


Ok…for some fun scoop on the Beijing HIlton.  Liz and I are sitting here at a desk in the executive lounge drinking wine and eating awesome appetizers and are watching 2 business men in front of a tv, eating and drinking and getting shoulder massages.  Getting the heck out of their shoulders and eating peanut filled malted milk ball looking things.  Liz and I are totally cracking up and trying to fit into this exec. scene.  Our feet stink from walking 12 hours and we look like something the cat dragged in…..but nothing is keeping us from the free food and wine…LOL!


Today we went to the Forbidden City.  My word there is nothing on earth that can describe how HUGE that place is.  Again …more great pix to download.  I bought a new mini camera to supplement my big moose of a Canon the second day in HK.  Sooooooooooo glad I did.  I can sneak a photo more easily than with the Papparazzi sized system I usually use.  the Chinese that are more “old school” still have some heavy superstitions about the camera stealing their “soul”.  You are supposed to ask first before photographing.  The children LOVE us and are hams and think my super tall husband is the best thing since white rice!


Liz and I bought the COOLEST purses today made out of Ox hide.  They are made so well and each cost under 20.00.  In any other country these would be 250.00.


Well I need to sign off for now….someone waiting to get a massage and type instead of me..dang…how do I score a massage in here!!!


Thanks every one for stopping by and leaving a message.  What a welcome sight!!!!!!

Luv always

Sandra, Liz and Steve


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