Hello my friends..I know I have been quiet the past 2 weeks but it just means I have been very busy creating all sorts of goodies for the CHOW JEWELRY SPECIALTY SHOW coming up on Thursday March 30th on my website

The hours are from 8:00 PM -11:00 PM EST.

I will be here on the blog for the entire duration at my chat room to answer questions or just plain gossip up a storm.  Whether you are interested in Chow items or not, I hope you get the chance to stop by and take a peek at all the yummies I have been burning the midnight oil working on!!

I get so involved I can’t wound up I can only think of designs in my head.   When I”m buying groceries all I can see are beads in the KIX cereal box and a cluster of grapes are perfect pendants!! I’m hopeless!

Below is a  tiny peek at what is in store…I can’t wait to chat with you all on Thursday and for all my Chow friends there will be a free gift at the bottom of the Specialty Page which opens at 8:00 PM EST



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My name is Sandra Miller and I love to ART. I enjoy my studio and home in beautiful Portland Oregon with my husband Steve and our charming Finnish Lapphund dog named Ihana