Hi everyone!! I have been having a few issues with my previous blog provider for CAFE’ FUSION so am now in the process of making a new one that is an integral part of the website instead of just a link to the blog.

The coolest feature I installed here is a “CHAT ROOM” that I can schedule chats for in real time OR you can just leave a random message anytime you feel like it.
There is no need to subscribe or sign up to use the Chat feature. Just add your name if you wish and start typing.
As I add in more posts you will notice a CATEGORIES section to the left with numbers following each Category…for now I posted this entry in all 5 so they would show up but this will be a super way to track down past posts about the things you want to really see.
There are links to my website as well as the auctions. I will have voice messages here too…all in good time as I get the learning curve on this program down.
So browse around and please leave me a message in the LIVE GOSSIP section AND/OR the comments section below each entry that I post. I need testers so write anywhere the program lets you. THANKS SO MUCH!!!





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My name is Sandra Miller and I love to ART. I enjoy my studio and home in beautiful Portland Oregon with my husband Steve and our charming Finnish Lapphund dog named Ihana